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Programming and AI Fundamentals

About:  This course will teach essential programming foundations which will provide you with a powerful tool to conduct fast analysis, create automations, as well as …

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Web Technology for OSINT Practitioners (Basic)

About: This course for OSINT practitioners will teach you real-world skills and techniques to perform threat intelligence operations through open source means. Through hands-on practice …

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About: In this course, trainees will learn how exploitation works on various operating systems. They will get an introduction to different vulnerability types, learn how …

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Web Red Teaming

About: In this course, trainees will learn about various web vulnerability types and learn to use and develop penetration testing tools to exploit them. Subjects …

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Malware Analysis

About:   After the module the students will be able identify, unpack, analyse, and perform basic reverse engineering of known malware samples. Subjects covered:    Practice analysing …

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Cloud Security

About: In this module, students will learn about the security of public and private Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), commonly used DevOps tools, attacks, and security …

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