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Annual Advanced Cyber Specialist Course (ACSC)

Duration: 15 weeks The Advanced Cyber Specialist Course (ACSC) offers an intensive training programme designed to equip professionals with advanced cyber skills and expertise. Covering key …

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Annual Basic Cyber Specialist Course (BCSC)

Duration: 10 weeks The Basic Cyber Specialist Course (BCSC) offers a comprehensive training programme designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed …

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Essential Skills for Cyber Specialists

Course 1: Python Programming for Cyber Specialists Duration: 2 Weeks In this two week Python module, participants will gain Python programming skills, starting from the …

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Web Technology for OSINT Practitioners (Advanced)

About:  This course designed for OSINT professionals aims to delve deeper into and impart practical skills and methods for conducting threat intelligence tasks using open …

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Covert Windows Red Team

About: This 5-day course offers participants an opportunity to learn and practice Red Team OPSEC methodologies and techniques. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding …

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Programming and AI Fundamentals

About:  This course will teach essential programming foundations which will provide you with a powerful tool to conduct fast analysis, create automations, as well as …

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