• Cyber Skills Training

Custom-made cybersecurity training for corporations and security professionals

Developed by a team of experienced professionals, our cyber training programs are customized to the needs of each client to deliver maximum impact with measurable results.
Each course is conceptualized with nation-state level attacks in mind, empowering trainees with the skillsets necessary to defend against highly sophisticated threat actors.

World-class trainers with extensive industry and military experience

Close mentorship with a high trainer-to-trainee ratio

Tailor-made curriculum based on pre-assessment of trainees and our clients’ end goals

Hands-on learning experience with a focus on imparting practical skills

Training areas

DART conducts training across all practice areas of cybersecurity. 
A non-exhaustive list of the courses we conduct can be found below.

Programming Fundamentals

Python for Cyber Security 
Web Development
Secured Programming

Computer Networks and OS Fundamentals

Linux for Cyber Analysts 
IPv6 Network Security with Scapy
Operating Systems for Cyber Analysts

Low Level Programming

Fuzzing and Crash Analysis 
8086 Assembly Development
ARM Assembly Development
Introduction to C Development
C++ Development

Incident Response / Forensics

Incident Response / Forensics 
Network Forensics
Forensic Analysis
Incident Response
Advanced Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Malware Analysis / Reverse Engineering

Introduction to Malware Analysis
Malware Development
Advanced Malware Analysis
Reverse Engineering
ARM Reverse Engineering

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence
Dark Web Intelligence
Threat Intelligence and Hunting

Red Teaming / Penetration Testing

Red Team Operations 
Offensive Research
Network Penetration Testing
Web Red Teaming
Network Red Teaming
Tools Development

Cloud Security

Cloud Security (Basics) 
Cloud Security (Advanced)
Identity and Access Management


Android Malware Research
Android App Research
Android Agent Development
Android Kernel Security


iOS Malware Research 
iOS App Research
iOS Exploitation
iOS Agent Development


Windows Exploitation

Vulnerability Research Fundamentals

Introduction to Vulnerability Research
Network Protocol Research 
Auditing and Fuzzing

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