Communication Skills

Subjects covered:   

  • The Art and Science of Resume Writing
    • Understand what a resume is and is not
    • Understanding how resumes are processed
    • Types of resume
    • Key elements to a good resume
    • Beating the system
    • Strengths and achievements


  • Win the Interview
    • Research the company
    • Research your interviewer
    • Do’s and don’ts in an interview
    • Preparing answers to cliché interview questions
    • Craft stories out of experiences
    • Body language
    • Practice
    • Exceeding the expectation

  • Impactful Problem Solving through Design
    • The usual approach to problem solving
    • Danger of assumptions
    • Basics of ethnography research
    • Empathise with key stakeholders
    • Define what the real issue is about
    • Ideate and prioritise your best solutions
    • Prototype and test your ideas for rollout


  • Makings of a Strategic Report
    • What is a report
    • Know your audience’s needs
    • Identify your objective
    • Plan the structure
    • The (very) ugly draft
    • Story refinement
    • Peer review

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