Cloud Security


In this module, students will learn about the security of public and private Cloud Solution
Providers (CSP), commonly used DevOps tools, attacks, and security tools.


Subjects covered:   

  • Cloud as a concept: ecosystem, service providers, managed services, DevOps
  • Experiment with IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, (SaaS) and S3 through Amazon Web Services
  • AWS security: IAM, role-based access, key management services, Virtual Private Cloud, security groups
  • Working with a CASB for visibility and security
  • Cloud VPNs, Zero trust solutions and Identity providers
  • Using the AWS CLI for deploying cloud configurations Terraform and other IaC: motivation, development life- cycle, security implications
  • Common attacks: S3 open buckets, exposed credentials, open ports, shared secrets, missing updates, etc.
  • Log analysis using Cloudwatch, CloudTrail and a man-aged
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cloud log management in SIEM solutions
  • Using CloudCustodian for limiting developer accounts and misconfigurations
  • Group exercise: Threat hunting in the cloud

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